Eric Bleumink Scholarships at University of Groningen 2023/2024

Eric Bleumink Scholarships at University of Groningen
  • Scholarship Type: Fully Funded
  • Host University: University of Groningen
  • Scholarship Worth: €15,000
  • Sponsor: Ubbo Emmius Fund
  • Study Level: Masters (MSc/MA/LL.M.)
  • Scholarships Awarded Yearly: Limited

Yearly, a limited number of international students receive The Eric Bleumink Scholarships grants worth €15,000 each to pursue a fully funded Masters degree at University of Groningen. The scholarship at Groningen University is managed by the Eric Bleumink Fellowship (EBF), a sub-fund of the Ubbo Emmius Fund. The fund was established after the retirement of Eric Bleumink as the chairman of University of Groningen executive board in 2000, a position he had served in since 1988.

This scholarship grant is specially for students who have displayed extraordinary academic abilities and talent from non-western countries around the world. It is only applicable to Master’s degree programmes with one to two years duration. The scholarship includes fully funded tuition, health insurance, textbooks, costs of traveling to and from home country, and subsistence.


The Eric Bleumink Fellowship sets its focus on encouraging young adults with dreams and potentials to not only pursue their ambitions at Groningen University, but also to contribute to the institution’s internationally diverse community. 88 students, representing about 20 countries, have been recipients of this scholarship grant so far.

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How To Apply For The Eric Bleumink Scholarships at University of Groningen 2024/2025

The Eric Bleumink Fellowship scholarship at University of Groningen is awarded to the most deserving students. That being said, there is no active way to apply for the scholarship grant because every student who meets the criteria is considered as soon as they secure admission into a Masters degree programme at the University. Students who are eligible for this grant will be informed on nomination.


The University of Groningen Admission Office and each faculty’s Admission Board will work together to decide the nominated applicants and who eventually wins it. To be considered at all, you must have already secured unconditional or provisional admission into the programme before February. It is advised that applicants who are hoping to get the scholarship ought to have applied to the university before December 1st.


Who Is Eligible For The Eric Bleumink Fellowship Scholarship?

To be eligible for the scholarship grant at the prestigious University of Groningen, you must fulfill the following:

  • Have been offered a provisional or unconditional admission into a master programme at University of Groningen before February. Only then will you be considered.
  • Be proficient in the English language. Excellent proficiency in English is one of the requirements to be admitted.
  • Excellent academic record. You must have made excellent grades in your bachelor degree, and this must be confirmed by a letter(s) of recommendation from the institution or a reputable member of the institution.
  • It is proven that you do not have other means of financing your course of study
  • Be from an eligible non-western country.

Eligible/Target Countries For The

  1. Afghanistan
  2. Angola
  3. Armenia
  4. Bangladesh
  5. Benin
  6. Bhutan
  7. Bolivia
  8. Burkina Faso
  9. Burundi
  10. Cambodia
  11. Cape Verde
  12. Central African Republic
  13. Chad
  14. Comoros
  15. Congo (Rep.)
  16. Djibouti
  17. El Salvador
  18. Equatorial Guinea
  19. Eritrea
  20. Ethiopia
  21. Gambia
  22. Ghana
  23. Guinea
  24. Guinea-Bissau
  25. Haiti
  26. Honduras
  27. India
  28. Indonesia
  29. Kiribati
  30. Kosovo
  31. Korea, Dem. Rep
  32. Kyrgyzstan
  33. Laos
  34. Lesotho
  35. Liberia
  36. Madagascar
  37. Malawi
  38. Mali
  39. Mauritania
  40. Moldova
  41. Mongolia
  42. Morocco
  43. Mozambique
  44. Myanmar
  45. Nepal
  46. Niger
  47. Nigeria
  48. Rwanda
  49. Sao Tome and Principe
  50. Senegal
  51. Sierra Leone
  52. Solomon Islands
  53. Somalia
  54. Sudan (Rep.)
  55. South Sudan
  56. Tanzania
  57. Timor-Leste
  58. Togo
  59. Tuvalu
  60. Uganda
  61. Ukraine
  62. Uzbekistan
  63. Vanuatu
  64. Vietnam
  65. Yemen
  66. Zambia

The deadline for application into Masters programmes at University of Groningen is December 1st. For more information, check The University of Groningen website page on scholarship matters.


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