How To Pass JAMB 2024/2025 With High Score (100% Pro Tips)

How To Pass JAMB 2024/2025 With High Score (100% Pro Tips)

How To Pass JAMB 2024/2025: How can I pass JAMB with a Score of 250, 260, 270, 280, 290, 300, or even 400 In JAMB?, Is JAMB 2024 getting Hard, or is difficult to Pass?, How Can I write JAMB Successfully?.

Do you find yourself asking any of the above questions?, or you feel it is impossible to Sit for JAMB and get a score above 300, then you are definitely reading the right Post…


But Before I continue, if you are among the category of students, that feels getting a score above 350 in JAMB is Impossible, then you need to start having a rethink.

Remember, If your thoughts are as tall as the height of your ceiling, you can’t fly above your room.


How To Pass JAMB 2024/2025 With High Score (100% Pro Tips)

Always ensure you open your mind to numerous positive possibilities, and struggle diligently to achieve them, “Your comfort Zone is a place where you keep yourself in a self-illusion and nothing can grow there, but your potentiality can grow only when you can think and grow out of that Zone”.

Do you now see reasons with me, why the thought that “getting a JAMB score above 300 is impossible” is a self-illusion?


Because, whether you like it or not, In 2024 JAMB, Students will definitely score above 300, and there is nothing anyone can do to change it.

You too can be part of these student!, YES, I mean you reading this blog post this very minute.

But How is That Possible?

Impossible made possible

Good Question, In This of my  How to Pass JAMB Series, I will be taking you on the Journey of How you can effectively prepare for 2024 JAMB and Pass

While also exposing some JAMB Secrets to you, all in a bid to make your dream of Scoring above 300 In JAMB possible.


This post will also answer the questions like… A. Is JAMB difficult to pass? B. How can I get good grades in JAMB? C. Why did JAMB fail students this year?

I can’t promise that this ride would be stress free, or won’t require you reading much and all those other sweet talks you would want to hear…

But what I can assure you is that;

At the End of this Post, You will be well fed with Unrefined, Proven JAMB preparation tips (that actually works), step by step guide on how to go about JAMB Exam and things you must and must not do If you must be assured of success in the forth coming JAMB Exam.

Did I just hear you say thank you??

Come on, there is no need for that, moreover what are friends for??.

Enough with the chit Chat, lets now begin our Journey. Don’t worry, I will make it as fun as Possible… Enjoy!!!

High JAMB Score What it means?

Before you plan on Scoring high in JAMB, What JAMB Score do you consider high.

There is no questioning the fact that, some students considers a JAMB Score of 230 high (well, at least it is high enough to secure you admission to some courses)

Some may suggest that, only a JAMB Score that is above 300 should be considered high.

But generally, A high JAMB score is one that guarantees you admission to study the course of your choice

Over the years, we have got to realize that a JAMB score above 280 can conveniently do that.

But it is not bad scoring above 300 in JAMB, and with the help of these tips I will be showing you shortly, it shouldn’t be too much of a had nut to crack.

Is It Possible To Score Above 350+ in JAMB?

Image Source: Vecteezy

YES, absolutely.

But this requires effort, and knowing what to do at the right time and doing them.

There are no shortcuts, but with the right strategy and mind set, it no longer becomes an impossible task.

Now that you know what JAMB score can be considered high and that it is very much possible to achieve it

The next on our menu is how you can attain this feat, keep reading diligently for details…

How To Pass JAMB 2024/2025 With High Score

Here are Fifteen (15) tricks you must employ if you hope to pass JAMB with a Score far above 300…

  1. Start Now
  2. Register For JAMB Exam Early
  3. Create a study timetable and Stick to it
  4. Manage your time effectively
  5. Use JAMB Past Questions For your Exam Preparation
  6. JAMB Syllabus should be your study companion
  7. Attend Tutorials both Online and Physical, Trust me, It helps.
  8. Roll with like minds
  9. Consistency is KEY
  10. Do not be shy to ask questions
  11. Identify and work on the subject you are weak at
  12. Motivate your self to study
  13. Do away with distractions
  14. Stay up to date with relevant JAMB Information
  15. God Factor

They are quite many right?, I know.

But with constant practice, they won’t just be tricks you need to learn, but a lifestyle.

Now, I will take out time to explain each of the following tip and how your can diligently follow them to the latter… ENJOY!!!

1. Start Now

Start now, Do not procrastinate

“Start Now” tops the list of Tricks To Pass JAMB 2024/2025, and may even be one of the most important trick you should apply.

The truth is, the popular saying you hear, has always been correct.

What Saying might this be??

The saying that, “procrastination is the thief of time

The thing is that, if you delay doing something, it will take longer to do later on

Therefore, the sooner you start preparing for or getting what needs to be done, done, the better.

But I still have about Four Months to prepare for My JAMB 2024 UTME exam!

Yes, you may have four (4) months or even a year (365 days) to start preparing for JAMB, but this time you have will only be useful, if you put them to use by starting Now.

Remember, time flies like a thief in the night, you can still remember when the time for you to right JAMB was in two (2) years right?

Well, it is not longer two years, and soon it will be a month, and then two (2) weeks and then days.

If you do not want to be caught unawares and you really want to pass JAMB well, then you MUST START NOW, not tomorrow, not this evening, NOW.

Probably after reading this blog post… ?

But for those who may be reading this just two months or few weeks to your Exam, you can still start now and make a difference, following trick 3 to 15.

2. Register For JAMB Exam Early

This is another very important trick you must employ to help you pass JAMB with a score above 300.

But How will Registering for JAMB Early help me Pass JAMB and even score above 300?

Good question, you see, must student would not register for JAMB 2024/2025 until the deadline for registration is announced.

Forgetting that JAMB early registration has its own benefit, which of course includes…

  • You get to write in the state you want or more convenient for you without being told “no space in your desired location” to sit for the Exam.
  • Secondly, Upon registration, you will be given JAMB syllabusJAMB brochure and also JAMB Novel which are important materials for you 2023 JAMB preparation and if you hope to pass JAMB well, you must put this tool to use.
  • You don’t get to experience the rush or pressure of late registration, which is important to maintain your sanity while preparing for the exam.

Now, when you register Early for JAMB, you will be given these material (JAMB Syllabus, Novel and Brochure)

Which will help you to start preparing for your Exam immediately.

The earlier you get these materials, the better!

But I already have a summary of the JAMB Novel??

Please, never you replace the Summary you read with the actual novel, of course the Summary is of help and will guide your reading

It should not stop you from reading the novel, you may be fortunate, and all the questions you will be asked will come from the summary

But this is not always the case, prevention is better than cure.

Also, when you register for JAMB Early, you get the time to conveniently study for JAMB and practice well enough, without being bothered as to when the sales of the form will stop.

So, register for JAMB as soon as the sales of JAMB form begin (you may want to see How much JAMB form is HERE).

The next trick to pass JAMB with a high score is…

3. Create a study timetable and Stick to it

Create a study timetable

This is a very important trick to pass JAMB and can help you organize your entire study plan.

In fact, the need to create a study timetable for yourself cannot be overemphasized.

Luckily, you will only sit for four (4) subjects unlike WAEC and her other O’ level counterpart where you will be expected to sit for Eight or Nine Courses.

It is not enough to create a study timetable, you must make sure you stick to it, that is, following it to the latter.

And the only way you can stick to the timetable you drafted is, if it suites your daily activities and also gives you enough time to also involve yourself with other extracurricular activities.

So if you find yourself always busy during the day with things you must do, then make sure most of your study for that day is moved to the evening.

This way, you are able to balance your studying with other important aspects of your life.

Can I have like a template of how my Timetable should look like?

Yes, I have got you covered on that. I have prepared a template of how the study timetable that will help you to pass JAMB should look like

DEMO Of How Your Timetable Should Look like

This DEMO below is for science student, Art and Social science student can also use this template to pass JAMB.

The subjects in this timetable are…

  • Use of English
  • Chemistry
  • Physics and
  • Mathematics

Below is the DEMO timetable

Use of EnglishMONDAY
JAMB Novel and Revise JAMB English Monday’s workFriday
Go through Maths, Physics and Chemistry WorkSATURDAY
Study Past QuestionsSUNDAY

This table shows how your JAMB Study timetable should be like

You can formulate this timetable to suite the specific subjects you offer.

If you are able to stick to the timetable you have created, then you are just a throw stone away to Pass JAMB.

Ensure That

You set goals that are achievable and measurable.

4. Manage your time effectively

This is another very important trick to Pass JAMB 2024.

And to effectively manage your time means, being able to do the right thing at the right, setting up you timetable will definitely help you manage your study time.

But it does not end there, you have to make sure that other important aspect of your life are well coordinated.

Why should I be concerned about other aspects of my life that is not reading, Should I not Focus on Reading more?

Okay, probably you did not get me right, I did not just say other area of your life, but other important area of your life, Emphasis on IMPORTANT.

If you are unable to create a study-life balance, it becomes difficult for you to focus while reading, knowing that there are other things (important things which needs attention) left undone.

The only way to resolve this is by being able to manage your time appropriately.

How can I Properly manage my Time so I can Pass JAMB 2024?

It is simple, Itemize the list of things that are important for you achieve for a particular day.

Prioritize wisely, and set a time limit for each task you up to achieve so you won’t eat into the time you should have used for other things

A.JAMB Recommended Physics Textbooks

B.JAMB Recommended Chemistry Textbooks

C.JAMB Recommended Biology Textbooks

D.JAMB Recommended Economics Textbooks

E.JAMB Recommended Government Textbooks

F.JAMB Recommended Use Of English Textbooks

G. JAMB Recommended Mathematics Textbooks

H .JAMB Recommended Literature In English Textbooks

I. JAMB Recommended Commerce Textbooks

J. JAMB Recommended Christian Religious Study (CRS) Textbooks

K. JAMB Recommended Textbooks For All Subjects

L. How JAMB Is Marked And Scored (All You Need To Know)

5. Use JAMB Past Questions For your Exam Preparation

Do you really want to pass JAMB and have sworn not to go through pass questions in achieving that, then you must turn a new leaf now.

This is one trick I will always recommend you practice during your Journey to Pass JAMB with a score above 300.

The need to use JAMB Past Question for your JAMB 2024/2025 exam preparation cannot be overemphasized, in fact, this is the only JAMB EXPO you will be getting.

Let me tell you a secret;

JAMB will mostly likely not be setting any new questions but refurbishing old once, so you may asked a question that was asked in 2006 JAMB with the options changed or rearranged.

If you are lucky to have friends that has written JAMB before and used JAMB past questions for practice, then you can ask them.

I have seen cases, where an exact replica of what was written in one year, was refurbished and asked in a new year

Though it is difficult to get all question from one year, so go through as many different years as you can.

Soon, I will be lunching Savant CBT center, where you can practice JAMB Past Question online for free, you can subscribe to this blog, Join our online community or follow me on Social media to get notified, when this feature is released.


Subscribe To My Telegram Channel For Frequent Updates & Guide by clicking the “SUBSCRIBE NOW” button below.

6. JAMB Syllabus should be your study companion

Jamb syllabus

Nothing would help you pass JAMB more, than a well coordinate reading.

This is what using JAMB Syllabus would help you achieve. JAMB syllabus contains topics and sub-topics you must have covered prior to the Exam.

Although, this syllabus contains all the topics you have been taught right from SS1, I still think it is worth going through.

So how Do I use JAMB Syllabus to prepare and Pass JAMB?

After creating your JAMB Study timetable, using the template I showed you HERE, make sure before you read any subject, you go through JAMB Recommended topics for that subject which you can find in the syllabus.

Each time you cover a topic to your Satisfaction, tick it good.

With this also, you can measure your progress, and how many more topics is left for you to cover for a particular subject.


A. JAMB English Syllabus

B. JAMB Mathematics Syllabus

C. JAMB Syllabus For Physics

D. JAMB Chemistry Syllabus

E. JAMB Syllabus For Biology

F. JAMB Economics Syllabus

G. JAMB Syllabus For Christian Religious Studies (CRS)

H. JAMB government Syllabus

I. JAMB Syllabus for Commerce

J. JAMB Literature in English Syllabus

K. JAMB Computer Studies Syllabus

7. Attend Tutorials both Online and Physical

Youtube Tutorial

As I would always say, they are two very important stages of reading, and these stages are…

  1. Understanding the Material
  2. Memorizing the topic and gaining grounds.

When you pick up a material for the first time, your first reading will focus more on you trying to get your head wrong (Understand) what the Material is all about.

It is only after understanding, you should begin memorizing, so you can reproduce what you have read, anytime any day.

Instead of wasting so much time, trying to Understand the material you are reading there are so many quality tutorial centers out there that would help you overcome this stage with ease.

All you have to do is, choose a tutorial center most convenient to you to attend, you will be asked to pay a token.

Aside this, there are online tutorials you can also try.

The good thing about online tutorial is that, there are mostly free, all you need is a mobile phone and data, Juicy right?.

You can lookup tutorials on YouTube, there are loads of tutorial channels like Learnifyhub tutorsthat are ready to guide you on topics you may find difficult.

I also have an online series here on Learnifyhub, “JAMB Doctor Series“. ARE YOU ON Whatsapp? Join My Whatsapp group For Frequent Updates & Guide by clicking the WHATSAPP ICON OR “SUBSCRIBE NOW” button below.

8. Roll with like minds

You know how the saying goes;

“Birds of a feather flocks together”.

Rolling with students with negative mindset, or not trying to attain similar height with you can be detrimental.

You should be careful of how you choose your circle, because this will in a long run, make you or mare you. I want to JAMB score of 290, then roll with students who believe it is possible and would help you achieve this.

9. Consistency is KEY

If you hope to pass JAMB with a very high score like 300 and above, then you must be consistent with your reading.

“The secret of success is constancy of purpose.”

Follow your study timetable at all times, study past questions when you need to and never be caught lagging behind.

10. Do Not Be shy To Ask Questions

shy to ask questions

No one is an Island, you will definitely find some topics a little difficult to grasp, don’t spend hours trying to understand a topic or line, or formulae

When you can easily ask questions and be done with it already.

An ancient Chinese proverb says, “He who asks question remains a fool for 5 minutes. He who does not ask, remains a fool forever.”

11. Identify and work on the subject you are weak at

No one is Jack of all trades and master of all.

You will find yourself having issues with understanding some subjects, It could be mathematicsJAMB Use of English or whatever subject it might be.

Make sure to dedicate more time for subjects you find difficult to remember or Understand.

Why should I spend more time reading what I don’t understand when I can easily focus on the subject I am good at?

You see, to Pass JAMB with a good grade, is a collaborative effort from all the subjects you enrolled.

So, if you focus on the subject you know the most, which you won’t even have a hard time reading, then what happens to the other subject you are weak at.

If you score low in that one or two subjects you are weak at, that will drastically reduce you JAMB score to a laughable one, and I know you don’t want that to happen, so be smart about it.

12. Motivate your self to study

Engage yourself with people or activities that motivates you to read, the truth is, if you don’t read you can’t pass JAMB.

In fact, Reading is one of the most important trick to pass JAMB with a score above 300, so if you find yourself a bit lazy when it come to reading then do things that will motivate you to read.

One trick you can try to motivate yourself, is to reward yourself each time you complete your reading task for that day.

13. Do away with distractions

What Are Distractions?

Distractions are anything you do or involve yourself with that do not lead you to your goals…

With this definition, you will agree with me that, Your friends can be a distraction, your phone can be a distraction, anything that will not “help you pass JAMB with above 300” is a distraction.

Try to do away with social media for now, they won’t really help you score above 300 in JAMB but rather will help eat into your time.

14. Stay up to date with relevant JAMB Information

If you follow all the tricks I have shown to you above, without following this, you may end up not even sitting for the Exam, and I know you don’t want that.

You need to be constantly informed on the stage of the Exam you are in if you want to pass JAMB. You need to know when it is time for reprinting, when the registration begins and other important information

This is where Learnifyhub Student ARENA comes in.

I will constantly update you with relevant information from JAMB, backed up with useful tutorials… Join me on social media to be constantly updated.

15. God Factor

Pray fervently, and continuously because one with God is majority…

Additional Tips To Score Above 300 In JAMB

Here are some additional tips that can also increase your chances of scoring well above 300 in JAMB… ENJOY.

1. Answer all Questions If Possible

JAMB do not use negative marking for student, and as such you will not be penalize if in the process of attempting a question, you picked the wrong option.

So, instead of leaving a question blank (i.e not answering the question at all) make sure you select an option.

If it is correct, it becomes a plus for you, if wrong, no harm done.

What of for questions I know if I look at for long the answer would come, but I want to first attend to much simpler and quicker questions?

It is a nice idea leaving questions you know would take your time, to attend to much easier question.

But in the bid of doing this, you must note these questions down and not forget to go back to check when you are finally through.

But if after revisiting the question for the second time, you still can come up with an answer.

Then select the option you think would possibly be more correct and move on.

2. Disintegrate your JAMB score to individual subjects

It is ambiguous, thinking about how you can achieve the above 300 JAMB score feet right?

Well, there is an easier way to this

And that is to share the score you would want to get on each subject based on your strength.

Here is a sample for pharmacy students or any other science related courses with a JAMB subject combination of…

  • Use of English
  • Chemistry
  • Biology
  • Physics

All you have to do, is allocate score to each of these subjects based on your strength, it should look like something like this.

Use of English74

From this table, your target JAMB score is 302 (you can aim higher).

It would also mean, you are better in chemistry and weaker in Physics….

Paste this on you wall, or a place where you would see it constantly, so it will serve as a constant reminder of what your goals are.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some frequently asked question on how to pass JAMB and their answers… ENJOY!

Can I pass JAMB without reading?

NO, your chances of Passing JAMB with a good score without reading/studying are very thin. If you want to pass JAMB, then you must be ready to do the work (No pain no gain).

Although there are useful tips you can try to make the work a bit easier for you which I have taken time to explain here, It will do you a lot of good if you do not just read this piece but also practice them. Trust me, they work.

Is JAMB hard or easy?

There is no straight answer to this question, but one thing I can say is this, your level of preparation is inversely proportional to how hard you find the exam.

So the better your preparation the less difficult you will find the exam, and vice versa. If your practice the tips I have shown to your here jealously, you will definitely find the exam an easy nut to crack

Do JAMB repeat questions?

Yes, JAMB repeat Past questions a lot, and that is one reason why you must not short change using JAMB past questions to study for any reason.

In conclusion

If you want to pass JAMB, you must…

  • Start Now
  • Register For JAMB Exam Early
  • Create a study timetable and Stick to it
  • Manage your time effectively
  • Use JAMB Past Questions For your Exam Preparation
  • JAMB Syllabus should be your study companion
  • Attend Tutorials both Online and Physical, Trust me, It helps.
  • Roll with like minds
  • Consistency is KEY
  • Do not be shy to ask questions
  • Identify and work on the subject you are weak at
  • Motivate your self to study
  • Do away with distractions
  • Stay up to date with relevant JAMB Information
  • Pray like your life depends on it

This will be all for now, I understand you may have a question or two to ask, feel free to drop them using the comment box below!

Ensure to share this with friends on Facebook, 

Whatsapp, or any other social media network you can connect them with…Related Searches… a. how to pass JAMB without studying b. how to pass JAMB 2023 without studying c. 5 ways to pass JAMB d. how to pass JAMB 2024/2025

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