3 Million Technical Talent (3MTT) Fellowship Training Program by NITDA

The National Information Technology Development Agency (NITDA) in collaboration with 3 Million Technical Talent (3MTT) has initiated a fellowship training program that will serve as a vital component of the Renewed Hope agenda for Nigerians. 3MTT is dedicated to growing a population with technical talents powerful enough to drive another sphere of the Nigerian economy, the tech and digital market.

This operation will set Nigeria as an exporter and manager of technological talent. The 3MTT program is made possible by the collaboration of multiple stakeholders, training providers, partners,fellows, and several organizations in the tech space.


The first phase of this training involves a fellowship model to be executed in collaboration which will be executed as a fellowship model in collaboration with The National Information Technology Development Agency (NITDA). Applicants who have shown interest in picking up certain skills will be selected after screening to take part in the training program, at no initial cost.

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How to Apply for the 3MTT Fellowship Program

Are you someone who is keen on picking up certain tech skills and hoping to get a scholarship for this? Then you should consider applying for the 3MTT fellowship program. The application process for the 3MTT training program for Nigerians is quite straightforward. There are specific eligibility criteria that applicants must satisfy, and also an entry assessment which will be used to determine the skill level of applicants and specific skills best befitting them.

It is required that everyone who aspires to be a fellow of the program must follow a structured application process. This process helps to ensure that candidates with the most promising potential are selected. To apply for the 3MTT fellowship, you need to do the following:

  • Go to the 3MTT website, and fill in the application form, ensuring to provide all the necessary bio data details required like first name, last name, gender, age range, and state of origin.
  • After filling the above, you’ll be taken to another page where you ought to provide your contact details
  • Select your employment status and also background skills you already possess
  • Select your desired skill.
  • Confirm everything you’ve selected and then submit.
    • Candidates will be required to take an entry assessment test which will serve as a benchmark to evaluate the skills of applicants, and also the courses that are best for them.

Courses Offered in the 3MTT Program

3MTT offers a wide array of tech skills to aspiring fellows, the courses available are of a wide range. Currently in its first phase, this program gives you the opportunity to become expert in various fields. Below is a list of the different skills available to you as a 3MTT fellow:

  1. AI / Machine Learning
  2. Animation
  3. Cloud Computing
  4. Cybersecurity
  5. Data Analysis & Visualization
  6. Data Science
  7. DevOps
  8. Game Development
  9. Product Management
  10. 4. Quality Assurance
  11. Software Development
  12. UI/UX Design

Training Model

This program employs a hybrid training model, a mixture of online and physical learning. This approach to learning a skill is very flexible and allows fellows of the program to have access to almost every training and necessary material regardless of where they live, it also allows for convenient learning.

Some parts of the training program however required physical appearance, this is intended to give students a more immersive experience to better understand what they have been learning.


The program is fully funded and as such, fellows are not to lay any amount of money to learn these skills. Currently in its first phase, the costs of training is covered by the NITDA and 3MTT initiative. This is to enable fellows to acquire these skills without paying for anything.


Note that the funding only covers tuition, students will have to cover the costs of their own personal expenses like transportation and meals. This ensures that both parties, the sponsors and the sponsored but share a responsibility and commitment.

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