Phy 101 Assessment Solutions

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Phy 101 Assessment Solutions

Phy 101 Assessment


Phy 101 Assessment  solution


In physics, power is defined as the rate of doing work. Mathematically, it can be expressed as follows:

P = W/t 
( Power  = work/time)


  • P is the power, in watts
  • W is the work done, in joules
  • t is the time it takes to do the work, in seconds

For example, if a machine does 100 joules of work in 1 second, then its power is 100 watts.

Here are the variables and a summary of the mathematical formula for power in physics:

P is power (watts)
work is the amount of work done (joules)
time is the time it takes to do the work (seconds)
force is the force applied (newtons)
velocity is the speed of the object (meters per second)

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  1. Can you deduce the dimensions for the period of oscillation T in question no.1, chapter one, page 219 in physics textbook (mechanics,heat & properties of matter)

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