When is NECO Exam Starting 2023

When is NECO Exam Starting?

When is NECO Exam Starting?

When is NECO Exam Starting? The NECO 2023 Timetable states that the examination is set to commence on July 3 and conclude on August 11, 2023.


How to PASS NECO Exam?

  1. Be Confident.
  2. Picture your dream result and set specific goals.
  3. Start Studying.
  4. Create a personal study timetable.
  5. Study with Recommended Textbooks.
  6. Read in Line with Neco Syllabus.
  7. Make Use of Neco Past Questions and Answers.
  8. Don’t skip classes.

1: Be Confident

Every battle is first fought and won in the mind before it turns into reality. This applies in every area of life. Once you are afraid of something, chances are you will not perform to your maximum capacity. What are your fears concerning this Neco exam or exams in general? Do you feel like you are not intelligent or do you know people who have written and failed so many times? Maybe you have failed an exam in the past but you need to put those fears aside.

You need to have the confidence in yourself that you can pass this exam just like any other person. Look at things with a positive mind. After all, if a human being one head wrote those questions then you also as a human being can answer the questions.


2: Picture your dream result and set specific goals

Create a mental image of what your dream result will be. How many A’s, B’s or C’s are you aiming at? Do you want to see D,  E and F? If not, then you have to work towards it. First thing is to have a clear mental picture, then you transfer that to paper. What do I mean? First, write out a list of your subjects in a notebook. By the side of each subject, write out your desired grades.

For example

Mathematics.                 B2


English.                          A1

Biology.                          B2

Chemistry.                      B3


Physics.                         B2

Agricultural science.      A1


Economics.                    C5

Civic education.             A1

Yoruba.                          C6

Create your list with your desired grade just like the example above and place it somewhere you can see all the time lastly when writing out your dream result, do not write down anything less than a C6 . This will motivate you to work harder towards achieving your goal.

3: Start Studying

If you haven’t started reading for your papers up till this moment, I urge you to start studying without further delay! And by all means, avoid the fire brigade method. Do not wait till the exam timetable is out or a few weeks before the exam to start reading. You will only be shooting yourself in the foot. There will be too much on your hands, you might not be able to cover all the important topics and even if you do, there’s every tendency that you will forget a lot of what you read. Unless you have a photographic memory, you shouldn’t leave anything to chance.

Never think it’s too early to start studying for your NECO exams, the earlier you begin, the more time you have to read all the topics on the syllabus for all your subjects. Depending on your assimilation rate, you can revisit the topics again and still have time for revision before your exam commences.

4: Create a personal study timetable

While you study, it’s good you have a personal timetable at home to help you stay organised and focused. To get started, you need to write out the days of the week, write out your subjects and share them for each day of the week, then allocate specific hours to each subject. Keep in mind your daily activities while leaving out a day for rest, it could be any day of the week, depending on what works for you. You can Start by studying two subjects daily for one hour respectively. Lastly, give more attention to your weaknesses. Allocate time to those subjects you find difficult.

5: Study with Recommended Textbooks

Studying with textbooks is good but studying with recommended textbooks is better. NECO usually releases a list of recommended textbooks alongside the syllabus. You must get some of these textbooks for study purposes. This is because these textbooks have been recognised to contain the necessary topics in the examination syllabus and their method of teaching has been approved by the exam council i.e the council will set exam questions according to the teaching standards in the textbooks, so your chances of answering questions better increases dramatically. You can get them from the library, from friends or if you have the money you can buy them.

6: Read in Line with Neco Syllabus

NECO syllabus contains topics and subtopics for every subject. The syllabus is there as a guideline for both candidates and examiners.

Examiners make use of this syllabus to set the examination questions, so you can rest assured that whatever is not in the syllabus will not appear on the question paper. However, if there’s a topic on the syllabus that seems strange to you, try to study it even if you were not taught.

7: Make Use of Neco Past Questions and Answers

I cannot overemphasize the need for you to add Neco Past questions and answers to your study items. If you want those A’s in your dream result then you should try this. Yes, this is the only legitimate expo you can carry out. Every year certain questions have been repeated by Neco and you can gain access to this by getting yourself a copy of the past questions. It is usually sold in bookshops or schools and contains all the questions from 2001- present year. But this does not mean you should go and cram all the questions, even that would be impossible. You can take your time to study each year’s questions and identify the questions which have been repeated severally. Take note of these questions and thank me later

8: Don’t skip classes

If you’re still attending school then you must not skip classes. I know there’s this urge to act like a big boy/girl when you’re in SS3, but don’t yield to temptations. Now is not the time to skip classes, especially your practical classes for the science students. Most of what you do during practicals in schools is what will be brought to you during exams. And for non-science students, certain explanations can only be gotten from the lips of your teacher in a classroom and no textbook will teach you that.

9: Register for extra lessons

Whether or not you’re done with school, try to get involved in extra lessons. If you can afford a private tutor, go ahead but if not Waec, Jamb and Neco lesson centres are very common in the country. Just choose one that is good and attend. Most times our teachers in school may not be able to cover the syllabus, these lesson centres will help to bridge the gap. You get to receive answers and detailed explanations to your questions without the normal tension that comes with a classroom.

10: Get a reading partner

Two heads they say is better than one which might just be what you need, an extra head. Some people find it difficult to read alone and if you’re one of those who get bored easily reading all by themselves, you can get a study buddy, choose any of your friends who you know are equally as serious as you are in passing this exam to avoid getting distracted.

11: Revise

It’s not just enough to read, you need to occasionally revisit previous pages you have studied. It’s advisable to always read any book at least twice, then take down notes, jot things down in your own words so that when you want to revise, you no longer need a textbook, just go over your jottings and this will understand and memorise better.

12: Be consistent

Someone who studies one hour daily for five months before the exam and another person who studies eight hours today and neglects his books for the next one month, who do you think will be more prepared at the start of the exams? The first one of course! Why? Because he was consistent. You have to make up your mind to always pick up your book daily and study, even if it’s just for 30 minutes. A little drop they say makes an ocean.

13: Test yourself

As your exams approach, you should set up a mock examination for yourself to see how well prepared you are. You can do this with the aid of the Neco question and answer. Copy out some of the challenging questions, have someone maybe a friend or sibling preferably someone older to act as an examiner. They will supervise you to make sure you’re not stealing glances at the back to see the answers and then they will score you. If you don’t have anybody around, just get yourself a stopwatch or set an alarm on your phone to time yourself. Answer the questions and score yourself without bias. This will help keep your mind in sharp conditions for your upcoming exams.

14: Arrive early to the examination venue

Lastly, try as much as possible to get to the examination hall at least one hour before time. Sometimes examiners can decide to start the exam early, you arriving late to the hall can kill your confidence and ultimately affect your performance.

Conclusion: If you’ve read till this part, well done. You now have the right information to conquer NECO and come out victorious. Here’s some final advice for you- while you study try to eat well and get good sleep to keep your body healthy. The last thing you want is to fall sick very close to your exams. And most importantly seal all your efforts with prayer. Go and ace that exam champ!

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